Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Difficulties?? Difficulties?? That's putting it mildly...

So....this one is a "rapid post" meaning I'm trying to get it done and published before my computer freezes up again..
I explained recently about my significant technical difficulties. Well...after running a Dell diagnostic on my hard drive this evening, it got to the 2nd to last test and said "Backup all important files/content. Hard drive failure imminent."  Yep.....That's comforting!! LOL
So I got onto Dell Chat (since Nick just discovered yesterday that I am still in warranty-I am normally excellent at knowing these things but I thought it ran out last year...oops!) to see what they could do for me. After the customer service provider remoted in and took control of my computer.......it FROZE! I mean completely. Totally unresponsive. LOL!! I, personally, was trying not to wake everyone up with my laughing. What opportune timing!
I guess that answered his question about "what specifically has been the issue?" Hahahahahahahaha
So....rather than try to link back up with another technician, I'll wait for their phone call tomorrow to find out what they're going to do for me and how rapidly they're going to do it. If this is one of those "send it to us and we'll take a look" scenarios....I'm just going to have Nick replace the hard drive with the brand new one I bought on Saturday (before the warranty revelation) that is sitting right in front of me on the table. If they can send someone over and do whatever diagnostics are necessary to completely understand the issue, then take it to replace/repair and return it, well then....they better get crackin! I can't possibly be without this computer of mine for more than a day or so 'cause Dominic's little netbook is great for writing his book on, but not so great when I'm trying to do a blog post that I can't even see half the page on the teensy weensy little screen....
So..there you have it. A quick update on my current tech status....or lack there of really. :)

My apologies to you now if you are already feeling the impending pain and anguish over my hopefully-not-so-extended absence. I promise you...I WILL be back!!! (in as best an Ahhnold voice as I could possibly muster)


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