Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Oh the joys of technology!

I love it, I honestly do. I think that it has brought so much to our society.
Do I think that society in general gets too carried away with it, too dependent on it? Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.
Do I think that there is a ridiculous plethora of gadgets out there that are unnecessary? Yep.
Do I think that in the quest for "easier, faster, better" we have bogged ourselves down in the vast sea of continuously evolving, outdated 5 minutes after we get it unwrapped, eternally shrinking in size devices that now need accessories and apps and maintenance and whatever else anyone can possibly fathom to go along with them?? Oh yeah!!!

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But am I thankful for technology and what it CAN bring to us? Yes I am. Take our current situation...
Right now, you are most likely reading me ramble on your highly portable laptop, or even better (or worse, depending on your point of view), your smartphone. (For those of you still stationed at a desk with a desktop machine of some kind....please disregard the previous statement)
Regardless of  your method of viewing, we are still taking advantage of the tremendous invention (Thanks to Al Gore LOL ) of the Internet. It's a beautiful thing! We have so many resources at our fingertips now.
But of course, the problem now is keeping up with the technology to utilize it. This is what brings me to my actual topic today... (Finally!!!!!!)

My technology is dying... Within this last month I have discovered that my hard drive (on my cute Green laptop from Dell) is crapping out. SUCK!
I've also discovered that my battery (for above mentioned cute Green laptop from Dell) is at the end of it's life.

Hip Hip Hooray! ............
Oh...and did I mention that my wireless mouse was completely spazzing and may have caused problems with my machine (yep...that cute Green one you've heard tale of) because the USB drive was faulty (or broken or died)?
What about the fact that my cooling pad got trashed last year because the cord got totally ripped out and I didn't get a new one (never remembered when I had the money) so my computer gets hot enough to heat a small frozen country? Did I mention that too??
 LOL that's where I'm at with my technology. Let's not even get into the topic of needing to get my own domain and webpage to avoid the problems associated with free hosting for this growing (in popularity and fun'ness') blog of mine.
That last bit is actually quite exciting. Overwhelming and intimidating, but exciting to think about!! The possibilites (both for personalization and for increasing reach/success/monetizing) are thrilling. :D

At any rate...I thought that I would give you an update on where I'm at. At least with this here blog that you anxiously and oh-so-impatiently wait for new content from.... :D   (You do. I promise!!)

What are your thoughts on technology?? What's your relationship with it? What issues have/are you having in your own life?? Let me hear it! (perrrrrrrrrty please  ~~batting eyes oh so imploringly~~)
Look forward to hearing from you-

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  1. I am still stationed at a desktop both at work and at home. However, while my work computer gets updated and worked on regularly and just zips along each day... at home my kids are constantly wanting to add more and more games to my hard derive. this has resulted in a VERY slow computer who is probably already bogged down by who knows what just from being 6 years old and never serviced!
    my solution to this problem is that come next tax season, my kids inherit my old desktop and i will be getting a fun new laptop for ME !! :)


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