Monday, August 8, 2011

Easy chicken wraps - A fun and fab summer meal

Happy Monday to you all!

Well, here it is. I'm finally getting you the delicious "recipe" I was so excited about from last week. And boy, did I have good reason to be excited! They were fun, different, easy, and perfect for summer. They quickly became one of the new house faves. We can't wait to do them again.

Here's a pic of our fixins, but of course, you can sub or add any of your faves as desired.

We chose the spinach flavored tortillas for a little bit of a different flavor. We used the frozen Tyson grilled chicken strips and they were great. They warmed quickly and had good flavor. Mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach rounded out our ingredients and we each used whichever dressing we wanted. We had Bacon Ranch, Lite Honey Mustard, Miracle Whip, and Fat Free Italian to choose from.
Everyone enjoyed them so much and can't wait to do them again soon.

Hope you enjoy this idea for an easy and quick summer family meal.


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