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My name is Melissa but I got the nickname Mo years ago when working on a Labor & Delivery unit (that I miss) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When I married my amazingly talented writer and artist, forever joking, superbly sweet, handsome husband Dominic and took his last name, Mo came back into play as it became my new initials. It's in the name of my "company" where I make fun, cutesy, and beautiful barrettes and hair clips for girls of ALL ages, MO Creations (visit www.facebook.com/MOCreations to check the lineup!) and it seemed the natural choice when naming my blog.

I am the proud, and often frustrated, confused, ecstatic, overjoyed, exhausted, laughing-out-loud, always learning, sometimes crying, running around, ever changing stay-at-home mom to an adorable 8 year old boy, Evan, who never ceases to challenge me and a beautiful 20 month old girl, Justice, that shows me how much fun every day can be. My sweet boy just finished up 2nd grade and did a great job despite the significant hurdles we hit earlier in the year with a diagnosis of ADHD. It's been a long, rarely easy road, but it's been so worth it to find what we need to help Evan have a happy and successful school career. Justice has helped me lighten up and have fun as well as be more aware and diligent about our food choices since we discovered she has food allergies. It's caused some moderate panic and more than a little distress but we've gotten a definite list of offenders and are adapting as necessary. It was our struggle with foods and adjusting our meals to help Justice that led to my starting this blog. Since I've started, I've learned a little more about eating more naturally/organic and am working towards improving our diets in that respect.

I'm a 31 year old liberal thinking, completely disgusted with politics and government, cloth diapering, crafting, coupon clipping, increasingly organic food choosing, tae-kwon-do learning, avid movie watching, card making, internet addicted, supporter of breast feeding and home schooling, city dwelling, tattooed, blogging, music loving, SUV driving, bibliophilic mom and wife who is just trying to learn and help her family grow every day. I am far from perfect and admit it, but I've learned a few things in my short (so far) life that I try to pass on to others. I'm observant, opinionated, and sometimes a little too loud. I hope that my children learn all they can from me as I'm learning so much from them. My husband, kids, and close friends are my daily inspiration.
That's a fair, albeit abbreviated, nutshell of me and my crazy fun family. I hope you enjoy what we bring... :)

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