Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ideas galore...but where's the follow through??

Happy Thursday to you!

This is an update/vent/@#$%@!* post.

I've been having a hard time recently with putting up posts. I have an ever growing list of posts (14 at the moment) I both need and want to write and publish but just can't seem to get past the "well yeah, that's what it's supposed to be about but ....... I don't know what to write. Have plenty to say but don't know what/how to write it...". Grr! This is very frustrating and disappointing. I'm not sure if my brain is so overloaded at the moment that it just can't organize and articulate anything or whether it's my brain telling me that it's clearly time for a small break or what?!!

Either way...nothing's coming.. And you have my most sincere apologies!!

The technical obstacles I've been dealing with and trying to find the best way to overcome are certainly not helping matters. A big part of me has been leery of starting a post to have my internet connection crap out or my computer become completely unresponsive. ~Snort, grunt, growl~


I am (seemingly) making progress as I'm sitting here typing this post right now! :)
Yay! Go me! Now let's keep this action going and start a trend. :) I sit. Trying desperately to manipulate the motivational mechanics of my mind, or maybe just to clear the communication component and reset it... Let's go already!!

So there you have it. I'm working on getting up more posts. I have a new recipe waiting in the wings as well as some updates and other general musings... :)

Stay tuned...I'm gonna get back on track if it kills me!! I know I can do it!!

Many thanks for your continued support...


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