Monday, September 5, 2011

My ever-extending absence....and some EXCITING news... :)

My dearest friends and fans....

I am SO SORRY!!! for my ridiculous MIA-ness. This computer of mine is driving me CRAZY!!!
It's got all new nifty tricks now....
like randomly shutting down when I'm nowhere near it...
or deciding that FireFox really is up and running when there's nothing up on the screen...
these are in addition to the random complete-deep-freeze (becoming absolutely unresponsive) and
Surprise!! Here's a nice pretty blue screen for you to enjoy. (insert robot like maniacal laughter here)

~snort, grunt, growl~


As I mentioned in an earlier post (here), it was discovered that I still had a warranty on this cute little green machine of mine. Yay!
So...after missing 2 of Dell's calls, we finally got connected and the tech informed me that they were absolutely going to take care of this problem for me and would I please provide him with my updated address so that they can send out a new hard drive complete with OS and drivers?
Ummmm.....hmm....let me think......uhhhh.....YEAH!!!! LOL
So as of yesterday afternoon, I am to receive my new hard drive in 2-3 business days that I can install and get back to business on.
I totally did a happy party dance when I hung up the phone! Twice! LOL

And then...........

Wait for it............

I will be purchasing and registering my very own domain with a hosting service and having my contentedly crazy blog transferred over!!!!!!!

I can't possibly express my overwhelming excitement to you! This is something I have only been able to dream about in the past but's a reality!! It's so fabulous!!
Even though I am insanely intimidated by the process, I am ecstatic!
I am lucky enough to have a couple of ab fab friends that can help me with the technical aspects that I'm just not familiar enough with yet. I'll most certainly get there... I learn rather quickly and always look forward to the opportunity so I'm definitely diving right in.

For new opportunities. New ventures. New horizons. New lessons.

I'm so excited for us all!! :)

Out of fear of losing this rapidly written post, I need to sign off for the evening. I fear that I may not be able to post again before I get things replaced but I will certainly try (I have another new recipe for you).

I can't wait to update you on the progress.... :)

Hoping this fantastic news has found you well and happy,



  1. You blog ten times more than I do! I think you're doing great considering that you've had computer problems. Yay for working computers!!!

  2. Thanks Shatzi!!
    Yes, yay for working computers! Now...if only I had one!!! LOL
    I'll be sure to let you know just how "yay" it is when it happens! ;)


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