Thursday, September 8, 2011

A special message/announcement

Hello to you my fabulously fun fans and followers! :)

I bring a special message and exciting announcement this evening...

Get ready for it......

It's a great one.....

Do you need to sit down? Make sure to try to keep your enthusiasm controlled....we wouldn't want to wake any kids when you squeal with joy....

Are you ready???

Are you sure???


Last night, I purchased and registered my very own domain!!!!!!! and tonight I will be installing Wordpress! Which means.......that later tonight I will be signing up to have this blog that we all love so much transferred over!!! No worries loves....all of the wonderful posts that you love and look so forward to will be transferred over as well as all of you (in whatever capacity you follow my craziness).

courtesy of

So be sure to go take a peek at !!!!! :)

Yeah baby!!!!

I'm so ecstatically excited!!! :) I know you're just bursting at the seams..........yes.....I see you doing the little happy dance right there in your chair (and on the couch...yeah....I see you too!!)!!
Do it!
Dance away!
I'm dancing with you I assure you!

As I (we-as I'm glad to have you right along with me) embark on this new adventure I'd love to hear any tips/ideas/comments/questions you may have.
Experience with Wordpress?? Tidbit of info that rocked your blogging world for the greater good? Lesson learned from experience?? Fave or Un-fave thing from other blogs you visit?? Suggestion for what you'd like, or not like, to see here??
Please share!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

Excited for what's next (for us all!)...