Friday, April 15, 2011

Plan? Sure, I made a plan. Did I follow it?? Why on earth would I do that?!

A week or two ago, I found on one of my fave resources , a cute printable week long meal plan. It's got a great little graphic on it and has space for all 3 major daily meals for 7 days. I was excited that I didn't have to make one and that I had something other than my handy little notebook to keep track of these things on. Wayyy better than just writing which recipes to do for the week and then figuring out which one got made which day based on how I was feeling at the last minute.... It was. Really. So I did the 1st weeks' plan and stuck to it each day. Then on to week 2. Ha Ha Ha!!! I think 5 of the 7 meals planned were made. One night I was just too tired to stand in the kitchen and do anything besides stare in the fridge so we got to 'scrounge it' and the other I'm pretty sure we went out. Couldn't begin to tell you where (that WAS longer ago than yesterday). But this week...this week was going to be better. It was! I swear!
Let's 1 was grocery day and I did a repeat of an early find, Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole. (mmmmmm........) one day followed through with, 6 more to go....
Day 2 (Monday) and it was...."I don't wanna go home and make dinner!!!" By the happened to be a recipe that had already been booted of the list/plan at least twice...
Day 3 was the Steak & zucchini fettuccine. Delicious-ness! :) (twice in 3 days isn't tooo bad...)
Day 4 was a repeat of a past try-Baked Chicken Nuggets (so yummy and easy!) (woo hoo! 2 nights in a row even!)
Day 5 was last night ready for it.........We went out!!!!! See what happens to a girls' plan when a friend mentions IHOP?! Ridiculous. Seriously. At least we weren't missing anything new and potentially spectacular. It was our Kraft Homestyle Mac n' Cheese with ground turkey night. We can do that anytime and it's a given success.
That brings us to tonight. The plan has another newby, Beef Ravioli w/Lemon Dressing. Yeah....sounds delicious, we'll see if it happens huh?! We could do last nights mac n cheese or maybe ACTUALLY do what's planned for...or we may do tomorrow's plan...who knows?!
I still absolutely stand by planning out a weeks worth of meals and I will continue to do it, but I'm realistic. We're a busy family. Between school, the guys' work, karate (for both Evan and I not to mention my working there too), errands, blogging, laundry, naps, barrette making, so forth and so on forever and ever, it just doesn't always work out....I'm ok with that. The important stuff is covered. We all eat dinner together about 95% of the time and that's what matters. Sometimes, sure, we spend more than we should on meals out, but...we're fed, we're healthy, and we're happy. And most days, all at the same time!
I'm good with that...

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