Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 1st non-food post...

So, I've recently discovered that Evan is neglecting washing his hands. It's quite disconcerting considering he used to be so good at it. I never had to tell him or remind him. As a matter of fact, when Justice was still little, he was a little handwashing nazi. He asked, almost as frequently as Dominic, if you had washed your hands in regards to handling Justice. Now however....things are not nearly as disciplined. After having several discussions with him and letting him know that a friends' daughter was recently bathroom ridden after contracting Rotavirus from poor or no handwashing at school, I've decided to try an experiment in hopes that seeing something with his own two eyes will help drive the point home.
So, tommorrow's experiment will consist of;
me lightly spraying my hand with cooking spray then sprinkling either glitter or pepper. I will shake Evan's hand to show transference then have him wash his hands with soap but not dry them. There will still be glitter/pepper on his hands. Then I'll have him dry them and see what's left.
I hope that this will be a good visual for him and that it helps him to revert back to his old healthy habits.
Please feel free to try this experiment in your house regardless of the level of discipline regarding hand washing, if only to reinforce the necessity and benefits.

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