Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh...where to begin??? The Great Cloth Diaper Change and Easter...amongst others.. ;)

So my last post was almost a full week ago! I'm so sorry for the long break!! It's been a very full week. Thursday I decided that I needed to take the day to just be with my little love. Get some cleaning done for the in-laws arriving. Originally they were supposed to come in on Friday, but the state of New Mexico couldn't possibly part with any employees on Good Friday so Dominic's dad had to work. So they came up Saturday afternoon/evening.
Saturday morning was the Great Cloth Diaper Change that we were enthusiastic participants in. A world wide organized and synchronized event to set a Guiness World Record for the most cloth diapers changed at the same time around the world, and also to promote cloth diapering. I was soo excited! :) Dominic just laughed at me, but he was still right there with me! ;) It was fun. Justice got her picture taken quite a bit, we got a goody bag with some cool coupons and a couple free samples. And hey, we got free lunch too! The whole thing was put on by one of our favorite new stores, eco-POLITAN (http://www.eco-politan.com/) with a yummy lunch sponsored by Noodles & Co.. Delish! :) There was only one snag to the whole morning....we managed to discover that Justice is allergic to walnuts. Dominic brought me a little yummy mini-muffin that had walnuts on/in it. I made sure to keep Justice away from it so that it didn't get into her hands or mouth, but I had been eating it with my fingers. Well, when we got in to the "official diaper changing area" I took off her clothes to get ready for the big event. About 15 seconds later, I discovered a rash on her right arm and all underneath it onto her chest and tummy....you know...where I had been holding on to her while I undressed her..... The muffin was the only thing that wasn't ours that I had my hands on and she was dressed up until then... Needless to say, this has done nothing to quell my paranoia. I'm even more worried about peanuts now, even though it's less common to have an allergy to tree nuts AND peanuts but given the extent of the reaction just from light, BRIEF contact....~sigh~ I gave her Benadryl and she took a 3 hour nap, but the rash was still visible and raised. Even 36 hours later, it was still there. BARELY, but it had not completely gone... I tell ya....this little girl is gonna kill me!! ;) <3 But I'm counting down the days.... Our insurance goes into effect on the 1st (which is a sunday) so you better believe that Monday I'm calling the doctor's office 1st thing and making an appt for a new patient visit to get a referral for an allergist....ASAP!! As much as I'm REALLY not wanting to put my poor sweet little love through the torture, I can't wait to finally stop shopping/cooking/eating in FEAR. Afterall, "knowing is half the battle"!! hehehe

We had dinner with Dominic's parents and grandma Saturday night. Aside from the fear that the peanuts all around us was exacerbating, Texas Roadhouse was delicious and it was a great evening with the 'rents. :)

Easter sunday was quite lovely. The kids eyes lit up at the sight of their baskets (of which I of course, forgot to take a picture). Breakfast for the littl'n came 1st, then on to the egg hunt. :) This was Justice's 1st. After the 2nd or 3rd egg that she found she really got the hang of it and was very excited! Then it was off to brunch with the 'rents, grandma, and one of Dominic's aunts and her family. It was quite nice.
The rest of the day held naps for almost all of us and then a relaxed visit from the 'rents and grandma here at our place. :) It was a wonderful visit. <3

I'll be posting Fridays' "recipe" for Nachos next. It was the only time this weekend that I actually cooked so it's the only thing I've got to post for now...That should change later this week..... It will...... at some point... ;)
Have a great rest of the week!!

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