Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh my goodness...

What a long, crazy, and hectic week it's been and it's only Wednesday!
There have been a few issues to take center stage this week and unfortunately the blog and the MO Creations fb page have been a little neglected. My apologies to you if you've been waiting on new recipes this week. I actually went recipe hunting today for a little while and so I definitely have several awaiting trial and exposure!!! I originally went searching for new recipes today specifically to find a couple of delicious, at least mildly impressive meals for this weekend. Dominic's parents and Grandma are coming up this weekend from NM and I'll be cooking Saturday and Sunday night. For 8!!! Holy visiting in-laws Batman!!!
I've actually only cooked twice this week. Sundays infamous Beef Ravioli with Lemon Dressing and Thyme Buttered Carrots and then again on Monday when we had our (also infamous) Kraft Homestyle Mac n' Cheese with ground turkey. Me and my wildly creative cooking huh??! Last night we had Chicken with Cheesy Mash Topping on the plan but alas, like many nights lately, I was working at karate quite late and there just wasn't time to make a full dinner once home. So off to Chili's we went.. LOL  Tonight had the delicious and all around popular Tomato Free Meatloaf. I had every intention of making this one!! It's something that I know Justice will eat! But.......shockingly......I was at karate longer than planned and just didn't have time to make it. Tonight we all "scrounged it". Salmon crescents, fresh mac n cheese, leftover Chili's, leftover Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole, and some mushroom soup topped us off this evening. That's us.....ever exciting! So, the meatloaf gets transferred to tomorrow night, I'll scratch the Cheesy chicken mash thing for this week and then....Friday gives us NACHOS!!! These are probably THE most popular meal in this house and since I've gotten on this 'new recipe, cook most nights' kick, we haven't had them. Main reason being Justice can't have them. (Sharp chips that she doesn't always chew well and chokes on, seasoned meat and a yummy queso that has many of Justice's forbidden foods.) I'm hoping that I can coerce her into eating the rest of the dinner that she didn't eat tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up... And yes, I'll be sure to post the 'recipe' for our Nachos.
I think I'm heading off to bed now. I just wanted to be sure and post a little "sumpin sumpin" to let you know that yes, we're still here and alive (although Evan's status is precarious and may change soon).
Givin ya some mid week love and hoping to gain, or re-gain, some life-saving patience and calm...
Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll post again soon!

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