Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tweet Tweet....

Let me first start by quoting what I said to one of my besties this morning (which is also what I said to the hubby the other day).. "I don't waaannaaaaaaaa get a Twitter" in my whiniest voice-which by the way is Pretty whiny!!
Now for a little explanation. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I don't have alot of adult contact. Granted, I have more now than in the past with karate and my almost daily meet-ups with my wonderful friend B. But all in all, it's not that much. What I have is very important and I couldn't survive without it, but it's just not that much. I am pretty addicted to my computer where I get to chat with one of my absolute besties most days and I can check on other friends' daily comings and goings via Facebook. I know that adding yet another social networking media is probably not a good idea. One more thing for me to latch onto. Not to mention the fact that I've NEVER been keen on the "tell-the-world-in-140-characters-or-less-business". When I have something to say, those of you that know me, know that 140 characters isn't gonna cut it!!! ;) Heck, those of you that don't really know me probably have that figured out by now!! :)
I've noticed, in all of my networking, exploring, researching of late, that most of the businesses and blogs that I've come across have Twitters. I'm seeing this trend amongst the popular and successful and it got me thinking. I want this little business of mine to get some momentum and get out there. Same with this blog. :) I had better start using a tool (a FREE one, btw) that these others are so clearly using to their advantage. So.....with some a little hesitation, I checked out Twitter today, and wouldn't ya know it??? I signed up.
I'm trying very hard to keep this biz/blog related only. To NOT get sucked in as a personal outlet. I named it for the blog and biz, I'm promoting it on the biz page and the blog. I'm "following" a few pages that I'm personally interested in, but I'm not going to be distributing this address to anyone but customers and blog followers.
So, I did it. I got a Twitter. Now what? I def need someone well versed in Twitter to help me navigate and learn how to use it best to my advantage, but I've taken the 1st step and I'm looking forward to the possibilities.
If you can lend any help/advice, I'm more than willing to listen. Feel free!
Ok-off to the land of abbreviated thoughts...wishmeluck!
(Oh! and of course, follow me @MOCreationStuff )



  1. Hi!
    I'm stopping by from the Tuesday hop to say hello and to follow.
    Check out Deal Seeking Tuesday for tips and other deals!

  2. You'll love it! It's completely different than FB. So much more random. Instead of *real* friends, it's the most random people that you communicate and connect with. Have fun on your new adventure!


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