Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Need help with a Teacher's gift....

We have 4 days of school left (not counting today). Teacher appreciation week came and went (last month) and I didn't do anything for my son's 2nd grade teacher. I feel truly horrible about it especially considering she has been my son's biggest supporter this year. She has worked endlessly at trying to figure Evan out and trying to figure out how best to help him. My not-so-kidding-"joke" these past couple of months has been that I'm trying to finalize the blue prints for the pedestal I'm building her. I've also been trying to figure out which of my organs will bring the most on the black market so that I can have the maximum amount with which to 'persuade' her to teach 3rd grade next year and be his teacher again. And really, only maybe half (or less) of me is kidding. About both of those things.
She has been our hero this year. The poor woman has had innumerable struggles with my hard-to-figure-out son and she's managed to find a way through them and help us guarantee, as best we can, that he has a successful school career. She and I have a 'mini-conference' EVERY day after school. It's an average of 2-5 minutes everyday discussing his day, his behavior, his work, his mood, and brainstorming ways to work with him. She has called me several times, from her home, inquiring about Evan. She's just an absolute Angel on Earth, for lack of a better description.
She is the main reason I took him to his doctor's to be evaluated for ADHD (of which he displayed almost every single behavior for). It's because of her concern for his academic well being that we were able to start him on medications that have made an absolute world of difference!! She has been immeasurably helpful and active in the medical management side of his issues as well as lending herself to monitoring his future academic well being.
I am having an insanely difficult time expressing my undying gratitude. Thus my dilemma. I have no idea how to show my appreciation to her. My main obstacle is my lack of funds. I have no extra money to be able to purchase anything for her. I am an amateur card maker but I have slim pickins in regard to available supplies.
I'm looking for ideas. If ANY of you have any brilliant ideas as to what I could do for her before the last day of school (05/31) I would be in your debt (although not literally please as I'm workin on what I've already got....;)  ).
Please help me show my appreciation to a woman that has given us more than she can ever know....



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  2. Thanks for visiting! :) Went by and left a little love on yours as well.
    Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

  3. What about a homemade card from your son with a note inside from yourself as well. It's sweet and personal but doesn't cost a lot. Just a thought.


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  4. Thanks for the idea Nancy! Definitely something worth doing regardless of whether I come up with anything else. :)

  5. Following back! Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  6. As an elementary teacher for 41 years, I would most appreciate a copy of the lovely blog post you just wrote!! We love knowing that we have made a difference in the life of a child and helped the family as well:)

  7. Thanks Diane! It was suggested to me by a friend to do that very thing and I contemplated it but hearing that from you, now I think I will. Thank you for your feedback!


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