Monday, May 16, 2011

A little giving goes a LONG way

Ok, so I get on fb this morning to 1st and foremost, check the MO Creations page. I take a brief look at my personal page then head over to the biz. I see a post from a fellow WAHM and fb 'boutique' that I happen to, if nothing else, enjoy the name of her biz, but also like her creations. She was asking for help. Well, let me tell you, since I've started this crazy-networking-build business-support fellow WAHM's-venture of mine I just had to click to see what she was asking for. I'm glad that I did. After reading her blog post I immediately e-mailed her to offer what little help I could. I'm not in a position to be able to donate money but I can donate a little effort. I shared her request via both the MO Creations page as well as my personal profile. I'm sharing it here with you now as well.


If you could take a look and help out in anyway. This is definitely a cause very close to my heart. Having been under or un-insured most of my life and having many health expenses, as well as having my sweet girl be under and un-insured for a time as well, I can feel the need. I hope that someone would be as willing to help if I needed it.
If nothing else, if you could at least see your way to bid on an item (there are 3 sets of MO Creations up) once she opens the auction, that is something! All payments go straight to help out this family, not to the vendors. You don't have a need or desire for anything up for auction?? Ok, then donate the item back to the family, or take it to your local shelter...Talk about giving!!!

I hope you take a look and find a way to Dominic would quote one of his most favorite quotes... "See a need, fill a need."


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  1. Tears streaming down my face (good tears) <3 Thank you so much again!


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