Friday, May 27, 2011

For Teachers; heartfelt feelings and quick craft of Thanks

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you!! Whether you have plans or not this long (for most) weekend, I hope that you have a great one! :)

Ok, weekend well wishes accomplished, now on to business! ;)

I want to say thank you to all of you that took the time to leave a comment, either here or on facebook, with your thoughts and ideas for Thank You gifts for Evan's teacher. I appreciate them immensely. Especially the feedback from you teachers. And while we're at it, I'm just going to thank all of you teachers out there.

I'm sure everyone has had their share of teachers that weren't as active/influential/helpful/caring as we wanted or needed but let us not let them taint the absolutely amazing work that the rest of the wonderful people that enter in to the profession for all the right reasons and make an immeasurable difference in the lives of students (and parents). Thank You to all of you!!! Your endless efforts, infinite compassion, determination, dedication, passion, and that true essence of you that you imparted on all of your students through the years is vastly appreciated and will be forever cherished.

Ok, the couple tears that fell while I typed are wiped away and now I can tell you about the 2nd craft I did for our hero. ;)
I got this idea from a dear friend from high school Shatzi (who happens to own a great company called WedAnnouncements ). When I posted my request for help she came back with 3 links of some really really great ideas. I checked out the pages and one of the pics sparked an idea. I never even bothered to click the link for the how-to but continued on with my thoughts. Actually, come to think of it, I probably should just to see what it was (how close or far from it I was). LOL  Oh well, there's time later... ;) The picture showed a little "chinese food take-out box" with a pretty label on the front and it reminded me of our thank you's from our wedding. (For our wedding I made paper fortune cookies with personal "fortunes" inside them for each of our guests)
So-that's what I did. I made a quick run to Hobby Lobby with my fabulously fun friend and crafting partner to pick up a take-out box and maybe a couple printed papers. Home I came with some great stuff and we went to work. And to your (I'm sure) great surprise, I took pictures!!!!! So-I'll share pics and a brief how-to. :)

Supplies; papers of your choice (cardstock does not work well), whatever tools you use to cut circles, double sided tape, vellum (or paper of your choice) for 'fortunes', chinese food style take-out box

I used the 4 1/2 inch circle-it's almost the same size as a real fortune cookie and it's easy to work with.

Roll the circle so that the edges cover each other but do not extend past eachother.

With finger in center, gently fold (gently as you may have to reposition if you're not centered) in half so that the overlapped edge is in the back.

Place fortune in cookie (with ends sticking out so they can just pull it out instead of opening the cookie) and use small piece of double sided tape between two "ends" to keep together.

I made 6 cookies (2 in each print). I also made a little note to fit inside the box on top of the cookies with a message to the teacher. On the back side of the note I wrote " Just pull fortune" because I had noticed at the wedding, several people opened up the cookies to get the fortune out and then the tape wouldn't hold well enough to reseal them but I hope this will help so that the cookies can be kept in tact (should she choose to keep them).

I hope you enjoy this project. My fabulous fun crafting partner is excited to use this one for the family next Valentine's Day but this one is fun and versatile enough for any occasion (or no occasion at all!).

Thanks again for all of your ideas and comments!



  1. Aaaaahhhh! That reminds me that I need to get my gifts finished tomorrow!

    BTW... I am also a new GFC follower! :)

  2. Welcome Staci! :)
    And yeah, I feel ya. I did another one last night (will post soon) and I want to do at least one more today (before 1:30)...


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