Monday, May 16, 2011

Dwindling wasn't the word for it...

So I had filled you all in on the attempted potty training adventure a couple of weeks ago. Well, let me just clarify our current status. Justice has had 2 accidents in almost 2 weeks!!! :) That's it!! She's not even 18 months old and she goes potty!!! :) My sweet little love even takes naps in her Big Girl Training Panties! And she wakes up DRY!!! :) :) :) She's such a big girl.
Now, I put her in a diaper to sleep in just in case but every morning, I get her up and take her to the potty and take off her diaper and wouldn't ya know it? She's dry! Woo Hooooo!!! :)
She's even told me once or twice that she needed to potty. It was in sign language too! (Can you see/feel the pride and excitement oozing all over the page??)
The only snag we have, if you can even call it that, is that her panties are too big. I've only found one place that carries a slightly smaller size that might stay up a little better but since we have 9 pairs already, I just couldn't justify buying MORE. Ya know?!
So there it is...a wonderfully exciting milestone updated for all.
And Yes, we still take her potty everywhere but I actually only take her to the potty once every hour-hour and a half so she manages spectacularly well on outings. :)
Ok. I just had to update you all on my wonderful little (big) girls' accomplishments. :)

Enjoy your Monday!

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