Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tonight is nothing special... :)

Well folks, tonight's dinner will yield no new or special recipes as I've got a long day at the karate studio ahead of me. I've picked an easy to make and reheat, fairly new find for us as the guys will most likely be doing the prep and dispensing. :) This evening's meal is Kraft Macaroni & Cheese HOMESTYLE (I really need to be getting paid for this promo!!). We found this recently in the store and thought we'd give it a try. Basic, easy to make, new twist on an old favorite... It was a HUGE hit in the Ortega/Jantz house! Since I cook to feed 3 adults, a boy that eats as much (and sometimes more than) an adult, and now a toddler, we use 2 packages. I add 1lb ground turkey (a staple in our house) to finish it off for a pretty complete meal and do the optional Oven finish listed on the bottom of the directions on the back of the bag. As I type, it's cooling on the counter so that I can cover it with foil and throw it in the fridge for later. I'll have Dominic or Nick preheat the oven to 350 or so and it can be thrown in for a few minutes, covered, to reheat (although it's probable that they'll just dish it and nuke it...). There it is! Easy peasy Mac & cheesy! :D I'm posting a couple pics to help get those taste buds kicked into gear and get ya goin!

Just a quick note-Dominic suggested adding some taco seasoning to the meat to add a little more flavor, but Justice can't have that so it's been nixed for this particular 'recipe' as she loves this meal as well!!
Everyone is eagerly awaiting dinner tonight, and I have to admit, I had a hard time not digging in to it once I pulled it out of the oven!


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