Friday, July 22, 2011

Great finds and Great news! :)

Happy Friday to you all! And welcome to my newest friends and followers! :)

I wanted to take a minute and talk with you all about what I've been looking into and finding the past couple of days. Well, technically, just Wednesday and today as I took yesterday off for a little surgery. But since I'm couch ridden today, I'm able to do some more looking, learning, and implementing. :) Yay!!

I had a great day Wednesday in regards to this blog of mine! I found some great references and was able to get some great tips as well as enroll in an online blogging class "Profitable Blogging for Beginners" by Blogelina (an absolutely incredible source that I highly recommend!). I'm sooo excited! AND in an incredible turn of events, I am now setup for a year of web hosting through!!!!!!! It will take awhile to get set up and designed (since I have to learn and start from scratch) but I'm soo excited!!! This is such an amazing opportunity!
On top of enrolling in the class and getting the webhosting, I also did a little research about monetizing and how best to market my blog. I've read so many wonderful tips and ideas. I can hardly take in and manage all the incredible advice. And I have yet to be able to figure out how to put it all into play... But I'm definitely glad to be getting it and am most assuredly going to continue to search it out and learn.

I also made a couple of small changes to my sidebar. Until I am able to organize my blog the way I want, I got rid of some clutter. I did away with quite a few buttons. Not because I don't LOVE the blogs, but because I just don't have a good place to keep all of the buttons I accumulated. I want my page to be appealing, not overwhelming and I fear that it was getting to that point.

So that's pretty much where I'm at at the moment. I can't wait to share more developments with you as they come! Thanks so much for your support!

Very dearly,

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