Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whew! A vicious cycle.... ;)

I tell ya....this housework/mom stuff never ends!! ;)

With no new recipes to blog about recently (it's been repeats for us, well, the few times I've cooked lately anyway), you're stuck reading about my catching up and cleaning out.
With a ridiculous amount of dishes that needed washing in the dishwasher and sudsing away, I started on cleaning out the fridge. Wowzers! Whadya know?! I have tupperware again! (And by tupperware, I really mean the cheap disposable types that you get in 3 packs or with your lunchmeat...) Course, I also have another bunch of dishes to wash....it's dirty-dish-depressing...
But!! The fridge is emptied out, the trash is waiting to be taken by my oh-so-helpful-son, and I once again (once I run another load) will have storage containers for a whole new round of leftovers! Now...to find some more new recipes to try.

Gotta a favorite go-to blog or site for new recipes (besides mine, of course!!!)? Let's hear about it. I'm ALWAYS looking for more resources for new recipes and ideas! Help my family not get stuck in my recipe ruts... ;)

Thanks for any and all help!!

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